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Best Water Heater In India: Top 10 Water Heater In India 2018


According to the concept of the water heater, its an enriching role in their society, there are many water heater, among that, we can select the best water heater in India.  

Water heaters are our basic necessity if we are in extreme weather conditions. It is responsible for heating your home’s supply of water and transfers that water immediately to appliances.

Here we have given some tips for choosing best water heater in India which suits you.

Best Water Heater In India 2018

When selecting water heater for your home you need to find water heating system that not only provides enough hot water that should also power efficiency, saving your money. Considering the right size for your home is the main part, you can choose from different sizes. The sizes mainly vary by tank and tankless.  Are you looking for the best water heater in India? Then there is the list from which you can choose your suitable one.

Types of water heater

  • Conventional storage water heaters
  • Tankless or demand type water heaters
  • Heat pump water heaters
  • Tankless coil and indirect water heaters
S.NOProduct NameFlip kartAmazon
1Crompton Solarium DLX IWH03PC1 3-Litre Water HeaterCheck PriceCheck Price
2AO Smith EWS-3 3-Litre 3000-Watt Water HeaterCheck PriceCheck Price
3Bajaj Flora 3-Litre 3kW Water HeaterCheck PriceCheck Price
4Hindware Atlantic 3.0 L Water GeyserCheck PriceCheck Price
5Kenstar 15 L Storage Water GeyserCheck PriceCheck Price
6AMERICAN MICRONIC- 25 Litre Imported Water HeaterCheck PriceCheck Price
7Sprinhot plus 6 Litres Water HeaterCheck PriceCheck Price
8Venus Lava Instant Water HeatersCheck PriceCheck Price
9Singer Fonta Instant Water heater with 3 Ltr CapacityCheck PriceCheck Price
10Usha Instafresh 1-Litre 3000-Watt Instant Water HeaterCheck PriceCheck Price

1.Crompton Solarium DLX IWH03PC1 3-Litre Water Heater: Top Best Water Heater

At this point in time of immediate interaction, immediately connectivity and speedy paced existence the Crompton Solarium DLX IWH03PC1 3-Litre Instant Water Heater is simply what the physician ordered. On the spot electric powered by the best water heater in India, are designed for those continually on the go and prefer to have things reachable on the flick of a transfer. The immediate Geyser is the best domestic appliance to be able to lessen time spent in the bath and have you refreshed in only some moments. Sure by having this water heater, you can able to experience the enormous number of benefits. The features are:

  • It is able to effortlessly be positioned in your bathing room without searching like an eyesore thanks to the nice and cozy but primary color schemes.
  • One of the benefits with Crompton Solarium DLX IWH03PC1 3-Litre Instant Water Heater encompasses faster heating and safety rankings that are higher, as propane or herbal gasoline have the capability to result in explosions and fires.
  • At the same time, as it isn’t totally impossible for an electric powered warm water heater to create a hearth also, most of the people of humans will be predisposed to accomplice the explosion and fireplace difficulties with gas hot water heaters, which cause them to more dangerous within the minds of several purchasers.

Crompton Solarium DLX IWH03PC1 3-Litre Instant Water Heater

2.AO Smith EWS-3 3-Litre 3000-Watt Water Heater: Best Water Heater Model

This type of branded water heater is named as the best one which allows the customers to use it for internal use. However, this is suitable for everyone to watch the branded one and named as the best water heater in India suitable for everyone. Of course, this AO Smith instant water heater takes place in giving the best solution that provides superior quality one forever. In fact, this best water heater in India relies on the exclusive heating capacity that delivers wonderful approach of using it easily. Therefore, this provides a wonderful opportunity for the customers to choose this type of brand and have the best heater forever.


This AO Smith EWS-3 3-Litre 3000-Watt Instant Water Heater (White) takes place in giving superior quality which deserves the best practice in giving safety heater for using it. However, it has several specifications that discover with the wonderful platform for the users to own it. Here, it is listed with the basic specifications about this branded best water heater in India.

  • Temperature ranges from 25-75 degree centigrade
  • 5 bar working pressure and suits for heating capacity
  • Provides reliable one for all
  • Gives better heating technology
  • Innovative
  • Weight up to 4 kg
  • Model number is EWS 3
  • Aesthetically designed one
  • Suitable for bathroom decor
  • Water heaters up to 100 liters
  • Use of American technology


There are many features available for the customers who buy this water heater and get familiar home appliances forever. However, this provides elegant features that deserve the people to use for the personal requirement. It is suitable for the bathroom in order to have the best water heater in the room.

  • Glass coated heating element
  • Rustproof outer body
  • High rated pressure
  • 3-year warranty on heater
  • Use Hi-tech thermostat and cut-out
  • Replacement of inner container
  • Excellent service

AO Smith EWS-3 3-Litre 3000-Watt Instant Water Heater (White)

3.Bajaj Flora 3-Litre 3kW Water Heater: Cheap Best Water Heater

Whatever, you have work stress or feel trouble for the regular journey now you can get rid of all these troubles. The Bajaj flora water heater relieves the body pain, work stress and other troubles in an effective manner. It is simple to utilize an efficient and simple to install at the right place. The compact design and medium size requires less space in the bathroom. The comfort design and attractive white color as well rust-proof with the thermoplastic body. The 3-liter capacity delivers the excellent option for the whole family convenience around 6 members. If you like to save energy by the use of water heater choose this Bajaj best water heater in India and it consumes only less power. You can also utilize the geyser for a multi-storied apartment, high-rise building, etc. In addition to, the Bajaj geyser contains high rated pressure and opts for installation of the pressure pump.


The Bajaj Flora 3-Litre 3kW Instant Water Heater contains 3 kW heating, which builds the geyser highly efficient along with an assist for last long. The interior water heater tank fine coating with an impact resistant, engineered plastic material and ergonomic. The indicators in the Bajaj geyser include two neon color shows heating function and power on.

It is also safe to utilize as the lining aids you to remain the harmful salts eliminate from the heating element as well as the tank. It also prevents the formation of rust and corrosion. The new technology of the Bajaj geyser automatically shuts off while it getting overheated and pre-fixed temperature. The accessible features give the trust to the buyers and guaranteed at the online purchase. Online is the safe and best platform to check out the wide range of geyser collections only for you to obtain Bajaj geyser.

Bajaj Flora 3-Litre 3kW Instant Water Heater

4.Hindware Atlantic 3.0 L Water Geyser: User-Friendly Water Heater

On the spot, Hindware Atlantic 3.0 L Instant Water Geyser (White & Blue, Intelli 5) is the best answer as they do not have any garage or water tank, therefore no opportunity of heating extra water or wasting hot water. Similarly, you need to switch them on before use and additionally transfer them off with none problem after use. The power unit usage is much less despite the fact that there is distinctly high wattage. This sounds high-quality from the perspective of a person, however, may not be accurate for energy grid.

The Hindware Atlantic 3.0 L Instant Water Geyser (White & Blue, Intelli 5) comes with a variety of advantages. With decreased operating prices and increased efficiency to prolonged lifespan and space savings, look out for about why electric power on the spot water geysers are the perfect preference. The features are:

  • The lifespan of an electric powered instantaneous water geyser is envisioned to be greater than storage geyser of a standard storage water geyser.
  • That is because there is a small water tank in electric powered immediately geyser.
  • That may be a huge replacement you are saving if you are planning to stay in your house for a while.
  • On the other hand, it is good to pay for it in advance for the overall value financial savings of home ownership, notwithstanding the truth which you are not going to in your house for that length.

The capacity area savings is one of the first-rate blessings of on the spot geysers, even if you are not concerned approximately saving strength and cash. The traditional water geysers with ten to forty liters capability are usually tall and huge. This big metal tank can occupy valuable space. An instantaneous water geyser length, in contrast, can be the scale of a huge PC occupy little wall area

5.Kenstar 15 L Storage Water Geyser: Branded water Heater

This type of branded water heater provides a durable option which allows the users to grab attention on the best water heater in India as much as forever. However, this makes the users rely on the professional water heater that allows them to choose the reliable one for bathroom one. Of course, this brand consists of best specifications and features which take you to attain the trusted water heater for your need and preference. So, this allows you to choose the reliable water heater which gives you the best results on heating process. As a result, check the specifications and features of the water heater and buy it via online.


While using this Kenstar 15 L Storage Water Geyser (White, KGS15G8M-GDE.AF) water heater, it can bring exclusive specifications that suits the people to use for daily use. In addition, it includes a variety of specification which takes place by giving wonderful things on using it. Moreover, this provides exclusive services that meet reliable information for the customers to use it.

  • Brand name is ken star
  • Model name is KGS15G8M-GDE.AF
  • Water capacity takes place by 15L
  • Color of the water heater is white
  • Use for storage type
  • Mount type consists of vertical one
  • Star rating is 3
  • Rated pressure is 8.5 bar
  • Build with adjustable thermostat
  • ISI certified heating element
  • Tank material has glass linked
  • Enamel coated tank
  • Built with rust free body


There are several features which allow bringing forth necessary option on buying it accordingly. However, it consists of massive features that prefer to choose the amazing features for everyone. In addition, this makes the customers pick the best one and consider the powerful specifications forever.

  • Power consumption is 2000 W
  • Requirement is 230 V and 50 Hz
  • It features with multi functional value and external heat setting
  • Dimension takes place by 34×55.5×32.5cm
  • Weight up to 8.5 kg

Kenstar 15 L Storage Water Geyser (White, KGS15G8M-GDE.AF)

6.AMERICAN MICRONIC- 25 Litre Imported Water Heater: PUF Insulations

The best water heater in India is almost regular use and not everyone utilizes in the whole family, but you can receive further benefits. The American micronic water heater has a huge brand reputation and includes standard features for the efficient water heating process. It is safe for regular use and you can stay hygienic, energetic feel and get rid of laziness for activeness. Now, you can enjoy the regular bath with the modern water heater and make the selection almost right. It is a convenient way to utilize in both domestic and commercial place. After, the introduction of American micronic water heater that the hot water user slightly enhanced by the feasible benefits. You can stay bathing for a longer period with the natural environment and feel the difference in a cold water bath.


The 25 liters capacity of the AMERICAN MICRONIC- 25 Litre Imported Water Heater 2mm ultra-thick in the inner steel tank suitable to handle with 8 bars pressure. It is also excellent for corrosion resistance and includes 3 power modes to control the temperature level. The automatic feature also facilitates the user doesn’t need to switch off because of automatic cut-off. It also saves much energy and less energy consumption with PUF insulations. The multiple safety guards obtained against overheating, electric shock and over the shock. The high excellence of corrosion resistant to the sturdy metal body and elegant looks. There’s no loss of energy anything after you installed the American micronic water heater and check out the list of potential features. Now, you can buy water heater via online for special price discounts. Make use of the water heater safe and install in the appropriate place.

AMERICAN MICRONIC- 25 Litre Imported Water Heater, 8 Bar pressure with Glass Lined tank and 3 power mode- AMI-WHM3-25LDx

 7.Sprinhot plus 6 Litres Water Heater: Best Budget Water Heater

All models blanketed under sure organization’s V Guard Water Heater Sprinhot plus 6 Litres come prepared with a hard and fast of instead progressive and relevant features which make them critical contenders in your preference of immediately water heaters. Those heaters feature an excessive-powered heating element designed to offer you instant hot water without wasting any time.

With their Stem-kind thermostats and cut out capabilities, those V Guard Water Heater Sprinhot plus 6 Litres simplify your lifestyle by means of automating the system of controlling the temperature whilst employing an additional measure of protection as a delivered precaution. The features are:

  • Immediate water heaters and instantaneous water electric geysers occupy the minimal area and still control to look good.
  • Crafted in an elegant Italian styling, these instantaneous geysers characteristic a great mixture of style infused with all the relevant generation that makes the positive agency a leading producer of instant water heaters in India.
  • An electric water heater can save you money and provide you benefits that gas water heating simply can’t healthy.
  • There’s no need to worry approximately the smell of risky gasoline fumes or carbon monoxide.

Many people are of the mindset of electric water heaters being very steeply-priced, and there are advertisements on television proven all very often that advice that fuel water heaters are an advanced selection due to the fact they may be a good deal much less luxurious and preserve their functioning potential whilst the electricity receives became out, among other styles of things.

V Guard Water Heater Sprinhot plus 6 Litres

8.Venus Lava Instant 3 -Liter 3 L 30 3000-Watt Water Heaters: Best Water Heater In India

This brand consists of the instant best water heater in India which brings forth extensive specifications and features for your need. However, this allows you to pick this brand one and consider the professional specifications to use forever. Of course, this Venus Lava Instant 3 -Liter 3 L 30 3000-Watt Water Heaters (White) takes place in giving the best practice on giving the suitable water heater for all. It offers vacuum release and provides heating capacity forever. Therefore, it suits the customer’s requirement which enables you to choose the best water heater for your need and preference. Hence, this takes place in giving the suitable temperature and other settings installed in this water heater.


There are many specifications that allow the customers to own the water heater in a simple manner. However, this makes the people look fabulous specifications that allow the heating without any hassle. Of course, this specification comes with the extensive range of backup and named as a device to cut off. Hence, this becomes the best choice for using the senses and takes the temperature of the heating process.

  • 9% of a pure copper tank
  • Long life and corrosion free performance
  • Single quality weld joints
  • Includes 6 bard pressure
  • Disc thermostat
  • Supports for thermal cut-out
  • Multi-function valve
  • Automatic power cut off
  • Power consumption of 3000 watts
  • Operational voltage of 230 volts


The features are listed with the conventional methods that discover with the massive features to own forever. Hence, this is flexible on giving smooth heater capacity that relies on the best one. Moreover, this consists of Lava Instant 3L30 and gives ensure release valve and named as best one.

  • 10 years warranty on tank
  • 2 years of product
  • 2 years on a heating element

Venus Lava Instant 3 -Liter 3L30 3000-Watt Water Heater (White)

9.Singer Fonta Instant Water heater with 3 Ltr Capacity: Anti-Corrosion water heater

If you are seeking for the conventional water heater with the best brand for the domestic bathroom; the singer is the flexible choice for you to purchase. The trendy and stylish geyser was already chosen and purchased by many people in diverse regions. The high-quality water heater includes in-built shockproof, non-corrosive and sturdy outer body with ABS stainless steel tank. It specifically boasts durability usage with nickel plating high temperature of the heating element. It is a lightweight domestic heating device safer one to use as well suitable for wash regions and kitchen.


The capacity of singer 3 liters and delivers instant heating combination make sure hot water in short period and you don’t wait for anymore. The Singer Fonta Instant Water heater with 3 Ltr Capacity is the ideal acquisition for a single person and 5 members included family. The nickel plated in the singer font is the best heating element and designed especially for extreme temperature and corrosive resistant to hard water.

The water heater includes premium grade stainless steel container thick features like anti-corrosion gives durability. It also avoids overheating and dual lamp alerts through the red and green light. While the heating is a current process and while heating reached maximum temperature and thermal cut-off activate. The heat retention play vital role in the singer geyser and resin bonded insulation by glass wool effective material for retaining heat. The power consumption is also less while compared to others 3KW. It doesn’t exceed the average electricity bill and instant heating device suitable for daily usage. The intelligent features comprised of singer water heater have been waiting on the online platform for the user comfort buy. Now, you can handle the singer heater in an efficient way and check out the price range before you buy. It is the suitable water heater for those who save the monthly income and durable appliance.

Singer Fonta Instant Water heater with 3 Ltr Capacity

10.Usha Instafresh 1-Litre 3000-Watt Instant Water Heater: Budget-Friendly water heater

There are certain issues that want to deal with additionally and these issues range anywhere from whether or not propane or herbal gas is available in your location to whether or not humans have additional worries approximately whether natural gas or propane are secure to deal with as to whether or not there might be a few degree of explosion chance or other styles of associated issues. The features are:

  • This is considered to be cognizant of when coming to a conclusion as to whether or not someone wishes to shop for an electric powered warm water heater in comparison to a gas hot water heater.
  • Electrically powered best water heater in India offer numerous years of the stable first-rate career.
  • In terms of water heaters, there are quite often big debates for which one of the two is the better type; the electric water heater or its competitor the gas water heater.
  • In the long run, what it boils all the way down to is which kind of warm water heater a character prefers due to the fact that each Usha Instafresh 1-Litre 3000-Watt Instant Water Heater (White and Silver) in addition to the gas water heater carries out the very similar characteristic.

Singer Fonta Instant Water heater with 3 Ltr Capacity

Space Matters

A conventional storage water heaters are big in size, it occupies a large amount of space in your house. The Large unit is needed for installation. On the other hand, tank fewer water heaters are less in size, contributes towards space saving. It occupies less space compared to conventional storage water heater.

Storage Capacity

When it comes to storage capacity, a conventional water heater will surely win. Because I have already mentioned these heaters have big tanks, the capacity of the tanks are around 150 liters of hot water and it can fulfill your room like a kitchen, bathroom, and laundry related needs.When compare to conventional heaters tank fewer heaters are able to supply few liters of hot water tank capacity.

Solar Water Heating System

Selecting best water heater in India based on your storage volume in your household and total collector area. System requirements are determined by contractors they use computer programs and worksheets.

For three people small storage tank is sufficient.Medium size storage tank is suitable for four people. Large size storage tank is suitable for five to six people. Additional calculations involved in solar water heating system that is evaluating your building size and determining proper orientation.

Advanced Technology

Some of the water heaters have advanced technology, like protecting the upper element from burning if there is no water inside.Energy star and high efficiency are provided by the government for energy saving to consumers save investment and also protect the environment through energy efficiency products.There are two main reasons to choose high-efficiency water heaters they can save money and environment. Some most efficient models are slightly more expensive. New line best water heater in India allows you to adjust according to the temperature automatically for your needs. Using this intuitive technology it gives better energy efficiency, increased durability, and smarter performance. Some electric heaters have Wi-Fi module to control water temperature remotely. So that you can control hot water when it is needed.

Nowadays water heaters have many accessories like expansion tanks, timers, water alarms, water heater blankets, water heater pans, water heater stands are provided to improve safety and efficiency in water heaters. Hope this helps you to find best water heater for your place.

Save Your Time via Using Instant Water Heaters

Nowadays, everyone needs to save their own time to accomplish their busy schedule. While talking about time-consuming, the water heater will play a major role in that. During winter, everyone will prefer to take bath in hot water. At that time, the water heater will help you out with its extraordinary service.


So, from the above mentioned instant water heater list, you can buy the one which is comfortable for your use.

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