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Best Washing Machine In India | Top 10 Washing Machine In India 2018


Before buying the washing machine we need little advance planning. First, we can search the Best Washing Machine In India. 

For example, if you have a large family and spend more time in laundry you need to choose machine depends on the usage.

There is a different type of machines in a market – a top loader without an agitator, a traditional top loader, or a front loader. Special featuring laundry will helpful to you. Here we can see the finest washing machine in India.

Best Washing Machine In India 2018

Nowadays, home appliances are widely used for the homeowners to undertake the work easily. However, this brings forth necessary option on working with electronic products that provide wonderful opportunity forever. Of course, the washing machine plays a major role in giving the best practice to wash your clothes accordingly. It makes the person save energy and time when they often use conventional method for washing purposes. Moreover, it comes with several brands and you have to pick the best one as per the requirement. Here, it is listed with top most brands that suit according to the user’s choice.

S.NOProduct NameFlipkartAmazon
1Haier 6 kg Washing MachineCheck Price
2IFB 6 kg Washing MachineCheck PriceCheck Price
3IFB 8 kg Washing MachineCheck PriceCheck Price
4LG 6 kg Washing MachineCheck PriceCheck Price
5LG 6.2 kg Washing MachineCheck PriceCheck Price
6IFB TL-RDW 6.5 kg washingCheck PriceCheck Price
7Samsung 6.2 kg Washing MachineCheck PriceCheck Price
8Whirlpool 7 kg Washing MachineCheck PriceCheck Price
9Intex 6.2 kg Washing MachineCheck PriceCheck Price
10IFB 7 kg Washing MachineCheck PriceCheck Price

1.Haier 6 kg Washing Machine: Automatic System

This type of washing machine really works well when compared with other brands. However, this takes place the best washing machine in India, which comes with branded products to choose for everyone. It includes personal open and ensures the authorized washing process forever. With this Haier best washing machine in India, it comes with best washing clothes that suit for longer use. It is equipped with 6 wash programs by using fully automatic washing process. It offers by lint filter and thus giving best cleaning and fresher clothes quickly as possible. So, it makes the customers buy this product from online and have a durable washing machine in the home.


When it comes to this Haier 6 kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine, it includes several specifications that really make you use this machine with ease. Within the box, it consists of necessary things that must be used for the time of fixing. However, this takes you to achieve the reliable washing machine use and thus providing best cleaning features forever. So, this allows the users to use this type and consider the best brand for you. Here are the specifications listed with the brand name and model includes in it.

  • Consists of outlet pipe
  • Inlet pipe
  • Lint filter
  • Rat mesh
  • Model name as HWM 60-10
  • Functions under fully automatic top load
  • Relies on 6kg weight
  • Normal washing method
  • Maximum speed rotates at 1000rpm
  • Consists of 6kg dryer capacity
  • 4 water level setting
  • Water consumption consists of 18250 Kwh
  • Fuzzy logic technology used


This type of washing machine features from the nifty digital display which takes place by rust free technology on washing. However, this meets fully loaded one and makes the clothing easier to wash accordingly. With the help of top loading, it allows the users to drop down the clothes on it and automatically washes the clothes. Here, it provides salient features that allow the users to keep track of it when it is using for washing clothes.

  • Features with multi-segment LED display
  • Consists of laundry basket
  • Good soak function
  • Automatic foam detection
  • Double level spin tub
  • Delay start features
  • Power up to 325 watts
  • Liquid balancing ring
  • Self-diagnostics
  • Adjustable feet front
  • Sensor drying
  • IC motor
  • Auto dose and extra rinse


2.IFB 6 kg Washing Machine: Top Washing Machine in India

The IFB brand is almost familiar to all those who utilize washing machine in their residence. Mainly, the IFB firm includes diverse new features to make the user comfort to wash the clothes perfectly clean. It is not magic, but you can see the real magic of washing all the stain and others. It is the ideal option for all office goers and who stay in their residence make the washing task extremely simple and quick. It is a fully automatic system included in the contemporary washing machine that suitable for clean and fresh laundry. Get ready to make a purchase from the online and enjoy the new technologies.

The IFB 6 kg Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine gets huge popularity on the online platform and many people desire for the convenient usage. Those people who are ready to purchase just take a look at the following specifications and features of the best washing machine in India. You can save much time and effort and get rid of painless washing task.


It is an inbuilt aqua filter handle the hard water by eliminating the bicarbonates as well as accesses the detergent enzymes to enter the fabric. It also keeps the cloth smooth touch, newer and no more damages on further washing. The toughest stains also extricate in the new washing technology. The crescent moon drum facilitates the user to put the clothes without trouble and perfectly designed with swoosh design. It mainly makes the gentle wash of all sorts of clothes.

  • The 2D shower system washes the clothes around 360 degrees rotation in the drum and makes the detergent dissolves well in the water and eliminate the dirt from the fabric.
  • In the bottom, the rat mesh fixed to prevent damage by rodents to this machine and laundry aid feature enables you to add the clothes in the washing duration.
  • You can keep the children safe by the safe child lock and they can’t change the settings anymore and alert the user and while the lock system active now.
  • The washing program suits laundry tasks like mixed fabrics, woolen, cotton, gentle, cotton eco.


  • Newer washing method with tumble wash.
  • Maximum rotation speed 800 rpm and an inbuilt heater mounted.
  • The total quantity of water consumption 45 L.
  • If the power failure occurs don’t worry auto restart accessible.
  • The user-friendly comfort and wash clothes around 6 kg.


 3.IFB 8 kg Washing Machine: Cheap Washing Machine

This IFB 8 kg Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine front-loading system is bravely going in which maximum front-loaders haven’t long past earlier than, into the territory of accommodating ultimate-minute additions to a wash cycle forgotten T-shirts, or any other? With the addition of an undersized permit window on the door, now buyers can throw something up on the scale of a large towel into the wash without disrupting a cycle or have to empty the bathtub, as is common with most the front loaders.

Comfort aside, this appliance additionally gives you in relation to cleaning energy and performance. In preference to losing your time pre-treating stains, use the special steam-releasing putting to assault ground-in dust and stubborn spots. It’ll additionally assist with getting rid of wrinkles from your garments. The features of the best washing machine in India are:

  • A fully computerized washing system saves time, as they do no longer require any guide interventions.
  • Absolutely automated washers can either be the front-loading or pinnacle loading. A front loading washing system is heavier than pinnacle loading machine and is tough to move them around.
  • Front load machines could be an awesome preference, in terms of saving water and power. Front-loader machines are also mild in clothes and as a result are ideal for sensitive fabrics.
  • Occasionally front loading machines might also require better renovation or service in comparison to pinnacle loading machines.
  • A top loading washing machine is normally inexpensive automatic washing machines.
  • Also, you could upload clothes inside the middle of the showering procedure in pinnacle loaders, but not with the front loading machines.

If your time is the core, select the extremely good rapid cycle that washes a complete load in just thirty-six minutes. There are fourteen cleaning packages total to choose from, and four half cubic feet of bathtub space to fill in view that there’s no space-hogging agitator.

Understand that a top loader is commonly going to be less difficult for your budget, however, if you’re committed to getting a the front-loader, the IFB 8 kg Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine is a completely featured washing machine at an affordable charge. It has a certain cubic foot stainless steel tub that isn’t the most important, but it also way this system can better fit in tight spaces than large models. There are 8 exceptional wash cycles, including sensitive, heavy responsibility and brief wash.

The IFB 8 kg Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine has computerized water-stage sensors that imply the washer simplest uses as an awful lot water that’s vital for each specific load; a timer that lets in a delayed cycle start of up to 12 hours; and smooth-to-use front-panel controls. The Quiet Wash device also way the washer would not be too loud even as it’s on – a tremendous characteristic for anybody who has to region the system near residing regions or bedrooms. It’s additionally well suited with a 12-inch pedestal and may be stacked with a coordinating dryer. Notice that some clients have sturdiness lawsuits about this version, however.

Best Washing Machine In India 

4.LG 6 kg Washing Machine: Best Budget Washing Machine

This type of washing machine is perfectly suits for best home appliances which consist of front load function. With the use of advanced features and well design, this best washing machine in India takes wonderful appliances for your need. It can also handle heavy load which makes users get gentle washing process forever. It helps you to attain reliable washing process undertaken by all. Most often, it gives minimal fuss and efforts that take to get heavy loads and spin it accordingly. Therefore, this brand provides a wonderful opportunity for washing the clothes without any hassle.


This LG 6 kg Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine consists of a familiar type and most users are using this for their preference. However, this makes the users grab attention on the LG model which comes under familiar choice for washing clothes without any hassle. There are several specifications that provide wonderful opportunity to clean and gives gentle washing process undertaken by all. Some of the specifications really take you to go with the best practice in giving the durable brand forever.

  • Its function type is fully automatic front load
  • Washing capacity takes 6kg
  • Washing method takes by tumble wash
  • It rotates 1000rpm of maximum speed
  • It has inbuilt heater
  • Build with 6 motion direct drive technology
  • Inverter direct drive technology
  • Overall dimension of the washing machine takes 60x85x44cm
  • Door diameter lies 30cm
  • Door opening is 170degree
  • Weight up to 70kg


If you wish to get this brand washing machine, then it provides marvelous features that deserve the best process forever. In fact, it drives with the gentle cleaning option which consists of baby care service. This is the reasons why many people are choosing the best washing machine in India and use for personal use. Some of the features are listed below as follows. When comparing with other models, it takes you to attain the best features that consist of advanced one. In fact, this suits the customers to use this brand and have the best washing machine in your home.

  • Installed with smart diagnosis
  • Use of LG diagnostic center
  • Fuzzy logic
  • Rinse hold
  • Tub clean
  • Pre-wash
  • Baby care
  • Provides 30 programs
  • Crease care
  • Delicate
  • Wool
  • Power consumption takes 1700W
  • Inverter control
  • Smart diagnosis system
  • Offers with anti-rat cover

.Best Washing Machine In India



5.LG 6.2 kg Washing Machine: Extreme Comfort

Everyone knows the LG branded firm replaces all other brands with the introduction of smart technology. The majority of the residence keeps using LG best washing machine in India is the list of following specifications and features. Are you an LG fan? It is the suitable choice to make the washing machine usage to the next level. In addition, already many users satisfied with the high-ended features included washing machine delivers several benefits. It is fully automated shows the elegant design and extreme comfort and says goodbye for manual washing. The appliance comprises a clever display for user convenience and user-friendly in the technology world.

The LG 6.2 kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine performance beats everything and quickly pushes you to check out additional features. The maximum capacity of clothes 6.2 kg and enable you to wash weekly and a top speed of rotation 710 rpm and make sure clothes gentle every time.


The turbo drum feature allows you don’t obtain to untangle the stockings along with socks from the wash load. It also engages twin direction rotating of drums to remain the clothes from the twist. Besides, it saves a lot of time and aids you to secure from damages from other rugged garments. The new feature of waterfall circulation is extremely powerful and enhances the rinsing effect and makes pleasure you by stain-free appearance. Make sure the best washing machine in India usage before known specifications and features. Choose the stylish and smart features including a machine for regular wash.

  • The turbo soak aspect that you can easily soak specific soiled clothes and aids you to stay away from stains easily.
  • The smart filter feature includes the LG washing machine durable and brilliant filter.
  • The plastic filter traps free the fiber as well hair to deliver lint-free and clean clothes.
  • The auto balance function makes you continue the work without trouble and it may in uneven load.
  • If there any existence of uneven load and it automatically balances the load with stops immediately and resumes washing.
  • The power of the LG washing machine includes 360 watts power.


  • Normal washing type
  • Maximum rotation speed 710 rpm.
  • Water level selector included.
  • Turbo drum technology.
  • Water level settings included.

Best Washing Machine In India 

6.IFB TL-RDW 6.5 kg Washing Machine: Best Washing Machine in India

When you’ve decided to drag the trigger on pinnacle-loader, take an extended have a look at the energy famous person-licensed IFB TL-RDW 6.5 kg Aqua Fully Automatic Top Loading is the best Washing Machine in India that could make laundry day more bearable – if no longer downright exciting. This expert-encouraged washing gadget has an outstanding certain cubic point of space, making it a wonderful desire for large families that produce quite a few laundries. It additionally gets superb marks for laundry overall performance, performance, noise and vibration. There is no agitator, so it’s no longer too hard on clothing. The features are:

  • Features in this IFB TL-RDW 6.5 kg Aqua Fully Automatic Top Loading is the best Washing Machine in India encompass a dozen wash cycles consisting of sanitize and cumbersome or bedding; a pause button that shall we customers upload objects even after the washer is going; a front established, push-button LED manipulate panel; and Turbo Wash era that helps reduce down on washing time without sacrificing overall performance.
  • Even as a handful of reviewers say they don’t sense like this system receives their clothes clean enough (a common grievance with high-performance machines), maximum owners are pleased with their buy.
  • It’s backed with the aid of a one-yr assurance that extends to ten years for the motor; the drum has a lifetime
  • Sure, traditional pinnacle-loaders don’t offer the monetary and strength savings that HE washers promise.
  • But they positive are clean on the wallet while you’re making your initial purchase—and similarly smooth to function.
  • If you’re on a budget and seeking out a primary device that receives the process done, then this Hotpoint pinnacle-loading unit with an agitator simply may work the bill.

You get what you pay for, so there aren’t any splendid fancy settings to be found right here: It’s truthful with 8 cycles, 3 temperature settings, and three water ranges. Skip this gadget when you have plenty of delicates considering the fact that there is no mild placing. And maintain in thoughts, lower spin speeds suggest your clothes will pop out of the wash a touch wetter. But you couldn’t beat the charge, and it gives a generously-sized tub for its quite compact footprint, making it an awesome small space solution.

 Best Washing Machine In India

7.Samsung 6.2 kg Washing Machine: Budget-Friendly Washing Machine

In this brand, it is fully loaded at the top and provides wonderful machine loading option forever. In fact, this provides the wonderful thing that delivers excellent home appliances suitable for everyone. However, this washing machine provides reliable one that takes you to apply for durable washing capacity forever. So, it makes the customers choose this top loader of the best washing machine in India that provides well branded one. It will not disappoint you by using this plastic drum specification to meets according to the customer’s requirement. Therefore, you have to choose the long-lasting purposes.


This Samsung 6.2 kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine takes place in giving the reliable machine function to undertake with ease. However, this makes the users render this washing machine that provides outstanding specifications on using it. In addition, this brand gives awesome capacity that really undertakes by giving the reliable washing machine activity. Here are the listed specifications that this brand provides in a great manner. It consists of the unique specification which allows you to choose this brand as the reliable washing machine.

  • Model name is WA62H4100HD
  • Function type is fully automatic top load
  • Washing capacity is 6.2kg
  • Method of washing comes from center jet pulsator
  • Rotates maximum spin speed of 700rpm
  • No inbuilt heater
  • There are 4 water level settings
  • Comes with Imperial silver shade
  • Builds with tempered glass windows
  • Transparent toughened glass


This type of washing machine really gives you a hassle free service by giving heavy loads to wash and rinse effectively. However, this makes the users with the reliable best washing machine in India that takes place in giving the best practice for washing in a simple manner. So, this provides durable capacity forever. Of course, this makes the users render for best washing ability by taking wonderful features installed in it. It increases the air circulation and provides reliable washing machine activity for giving reliable work for the users.

  • Gives practical dry
  • Straight from the washer
  • Equipped with air turbo vents
  • Avoid mildew growth
  • Auto restart
  • Child lock
  • Automatic spin and rinse feature
  • Green panel display
  • Auto restart function
  • Magic filter and speedy option
  • Dimension takes place by 54×90.6×56.8cm
  • Weight up to 30.5 kg


8.Whirlpool 7 kg Washing Machine: Washing Machine Best Model

Are you feeling washing clothes trouble and pain regularly? Now, you can move into the modern technology by the latest arrival of Whirlpool 7 kg washing machine. The Whirlpool top loading machine allows you to spend lesser time and checks out the stylish design with excellent features. However, the machine enhanced different clothes wash and ready to enjoy the laundry efficiently. Now, you can simply place the clothes in the machine and take some rest until the task completion. In recent times, several people in the worldwide region people keep comfort washing by the new machine techniques. It is fully automatic machine give the user to load around 7 kgs, compact size and brilliant technology consume less space.

The sixth sense of the whirlpool unique feature shows the magic of hiding stains on the clothes and keeps washing in 3 steps. The Whirlpool 7 kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine is almost ready for you to purchase and grab at best price via online. You don’t miss the opportunity to save the purchasing price of special discount offers.


The spa wash function enables you to wash the white clothes sparkle on every wash and includes perforated holes while it compared to modern drum and delivers gentle and smooth wash.

  • The washing system includes 8 wash systems to choose based on the fabric type and clothes quantity.
  • The automatic tub clean aids to wash every corner of the container with the single button press and tub stays hygienic, fresh smell and pure clean.
  • The washer includes buzzer that rapidly alerts you after the completion of the wash cycle.
  • The safety feature of the washing machine delivers the reliable protection from the rat and other rodent attacks.
  • The child lock feature allows the best washing machine in India safe without another process by unnecessary child access.
  • The Whirlpool consumes around 350 watts power for every wash.


  • The convenient features engaged in the Whirlpool include water reuse, wash process alert system and new SPA drum.
  • The number of 8 washing modes is extremely easier for saving energy and effort.
  • It gives a unique experience in every washing cycle and feels the uniqueness of ease of washing technique.
  • The brilliant washing clothes with flexible tub space and high-speed performance on whole clothes capacity.
  • Start the power button after you load and step into the next technology world.


9.Intex 6.2 kg Washing Machine: Elegant And Unique Washing Machine

In India maximum generally used washing machines are Semi-automated Washing Machines and among that Intex 6.2 kg Semi Automatic Top Load Washing Machine is preferred by everyone. It’s partially computerized, so it calls for a few manual efforts too. You need to upload water to washing clothes and drain it as soon as wash cycle receives over. The features are:

  • This washing gadget assists you to store water because it does now not require a non-stop water supply.
  • Here you could also closely modify the wash cycle in this sort of washing system, which allows you store energy.
  • Semi-automatic washing machines are continually pinnacle loading and regularly have separate tubs – for washing and drying.
  • Almost all fashions of semi-automated best washing machines in India may be moved without difficulty.
  • This kind of washing system includes two tubs, one for washing and any other for drying the garments.
  • You need to move manually garments from wash bath to drying tub.

Intex 6.2 kg Semi Automatic Top Load Washing Machine represents a midway point between hand-washing and absolutely-automatic machines that could do the entire process for you. A semi-automated washing system requires guide enter at various levels of the wash cycle – so, you will need to upload or drain the water.

With Intex 6.2 kg Semi Automatic Top Load Washing Machine you upload the water yourself, so you can decree the precise amount wished and avoid waste. That is mainly useful if your water delivery is constrained to certain times of the day: you may shop up water from in advance inside the day and use the device for your comfort, as an alternative of getting to counting on a steady supply, as is the case with completely automatic machines.


10.IFB 7 kg Washing Machine: Comfortable Washing Machine

This type of best washing machine in India provides reliable washing action that takes you to attain the best level of the cleaning process. However, this makes the users choose this brand and use it for best home appliances. You can buy this online and hence get wonderful specification to use forever. In addition, there are several specifications and features available which take place in giving the automatically loaded one for the users. So, it provides a simple approach for cleaning the clothes without any hassle. Here, it is listed with the highlighted features and specifications that allow the user to use this one as their favorite choice.


In this IFB 7 kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine, there are several specifications meets proper criteria that bring forth necessary option for starting the washing work. However, the specifications are unique and give a massive opportunity for the users to use it and have a best one forever. Some of the specifications are listed below as follows.

  • The model name of this machine is TL-SDG-7.0 KG Aqua
  • Meets fully loaded type machine
  • Washing capacity takes up to 7 kg
  • Triadic pulsator method for washing
  • Rotates at maximum spin speed of 720 rpm
  • Machine shade consists of Graphite Grey
  • Exterior plastic parts
  • Acts for best electrical circuitry


There are many features available for the users who use this brand for giving a work as the best washing machine in India. However, this takes them to grab attention on the reliable use and thus providing a durable option for working. Some of the features are listed below as follows.

  • Soft Scrub Pads
  • Swirl Jets
  • Centre Punch to give clothes the perfect wash


How to Choose Washing Machine in India 2018

If you have a small laundry room, you need to find the best washing machine in India, which is accomplished to room correctly, the full-sized machine can be 24 to 20 inches wide, so measuring your room and get the best washing machine in India based in that will help you to work freely. Before choosing machine kindly measure the door size and make sure if the size of the machine you going to purchase will come through the door. There are several option and models available for your requirement. You need to reinforce the floor properly for the flat basement and if you place the machine on top make sure the machine’s weight should not affect your floor.You can find a machine that reduces vibration and noise during spin, it’s not disturbing to your daily life.

If you have lot more clothes to wash the most important thing is feet range, you can find from 2.5 to 5.8 cubic feet. There are loaders available in the market without central agitator for both front loader and top loader. And don’t try to select some trendy colors because you can save some money by choosing white. Traditional top loader water consumption is high compared to front loaders, for both loaders water has to fill up entirely over the rinse cycle for a wash. Using Energy Star Model reduces electricity and water use by 25% and 35% but the non-rated model cannot give such guarantee to machines. Checking out a model to model comparison for energy guide basics is the main advantage of getting a quality machine.

Which gives better cleaning front loader or top loader, front loader provided better cleaning. Look for the best washing machine in india which has special stain-remover or provoking cycles or one with a steam feature. Using better stain remover, a cool temperature setting that mixes up into hot water with cold water with the detergent you are using and dissolves completely. You can choose front-loader or top-loader without an agitator, but it can cause clothing to tangle and fabric may get harder.

Water and electricity

Front loaders use less amount of water than the traditional top loaders, you need to fill up large water for the wash. Likewise, energy star model uses a small amount of water and saves electricity from 20% to 30%, respectively compared to non-rated models. Remember that the price of the model gets vary based on your usage and utility costs in your area. Some additional features available in today’s machines are,

  • Auto-dispense
  • Built-in-sink
  • Multiple washer tubs
  • Giant capacities

Before you go to finding a washing machine think about your room size, and budget too. If you spend some affordable price you can enjoy the features and innovative things in the laundry market today.


From the above, it is vital for the users to grab those collections of the best washing machines in India that are widely used for best home appliances. However, this makes the individuals check those features and specifications and buy it accordingly.

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