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Best Mixer Grinder In India | Top 10 Mixer Grinder In India 2018


Now a day’s all are used at home, do things like mixing, blending and grinding. Best Mixer Grinder In India comes with two or three jars one used for wet paste, one used for juice and another one is making powder. Good mixer on market is Bajaj rex500, Philip H16545 750 etc.

Here the People’s cannot take the struggle for grind the food items. Because these mixer grinders are solve hard job within a second. The mixer grinder is very useful for very kitchen. They consume low power electricity. In all the grinder system have inside motor on it. It is connect to the electricity wire. The mixer helps to makes your food very tasty without any efforts along with saving time.

Best Mixer Grinder In India

With the great improvement in the field of the home appliance, there are number of the kitchen appliance product out with the great and update features over the market. Hence it helps to cut down the major cost and time of the housewife on preparing the different food items. Even you can come across wide range of kitchen appliance, let we discuss about the top list of the Best Mixer Grinder In India with the update features. Therefore you have to go with the brand product to inverse to increase the life of the product and it is nothing wrong in it.

S.NOProduct NameFlip kartAmazon
1Best Mixer Grinder In India Check PriceCheck Price
2Bajaj GX1 500 W Mixer GrinderCheck PriceCheck Price
3Philips HL7510/00 550 W Mixer GrinderCheck PriceCheck Price
4Bajaj Rex 500-Watt Mixer GrinderCheck PriceCheck Price
5Preethi Blue Leaf Diamond 750-WattCheck PriceCheck Price
6Maharaja Whiteline Solo MX 122 500Check PriceCheck Price
7Philips HL1606/03 500 W Mixer GrinderCheck PriceCheck Price
8Philips HL7710 /00 600 W Mixer GrinderCheck PriceCheck Price
9Bajaj Twister 750-Watt Mixer GrinderCheck PriceCheck Price
10Bajaj GX-1 500-Watt Mixer GrinderCheck PriceCheck Price

1.Maharaja Whiteline Neo (MX-147): Best Mixer Grinder In India  

It is boosted with the update 500 watts motor which complete huge task such as liquidize, blend and grind in the shorter time.Best Mixer Grinder In India is out with the white color along with three jars. These three jars are made of stainless steel which is highly durable and sturdy to make use for a long time. It is tight lids to bring sage and support for mess free operation in fine manner. This mixer is support for both dry and chutney grinding so it will easy to make use at any time.

Maharaja Whiteline Neo (MX-147):

 2.Bajaj GX1 500 W Mixer Grinder: Best Mixer Grinder In India 2018

It is out with the white colors along with the 3 jars which are suitable for both wet and juicing grinding process in the home. It is design with the sporting look and it with the stainless jar along with the safe and easy grip handle.Best Mixer Grinder In India has built with multiple function blades to make mixer and grind in the faster and effective manner. This mixer is light weight that let to handle in user friendly manner and it inbuilt with three various speed control switch to adjust the speed of motor as per the needs.

Bajaj GX1 500 W Mixer Grinder

 3.Philips HL7510/00 550 W Mixer Grinder: Best Juicer Mixer Grinder In India

Philips is top brand home appliance which brings out huge device to the market by every year along with the update features function. Hence it earn special name among the society. Here this mixer grinder is out with the intelli jar and blade are designed with superior mixing and it lets to grind the vegetable and other food items in the well wise manner. It is made up of the Abs plastic which never conducts electricity during the usage. It is out with combination of the both white and red colors which attract number of buyer. It out with the set of the three different range of jar for multipurpose.

Philips HL7510/00 550 W Mixer Grinder

4.Bajaj Rex 500-Watt Mixer Grinder: Best Mixer Grinder Brand In India 

This mixer grinder is quite simple and effective to make use in the home. Here it never required of installation process just it can be plug-in and make use for grinding and liquidizing. It is built with the option of the three speed controls that let to adjust as per the wish. On the other hand it has multi function blade which are made up of the stainless steel Best Mixer Grinder In India provide less noise when you look of the other mixer grinder.

Bajaj Rex 500-Watt Mixer Grinder

 5.Preethi Blue Leaf Diamond 750-Watt: Best Mixer Grinder 

It is out in the market with the combination of the both Blue/White so it wishes to prefer by the major people in the different part of the world. It is boosted with 750 V motor that transmit the high level of the speed to grind and mix. At the same time, the blade are made up of the stainless steel with the machine ground and well polished so it delivers the superior grinding and faster manner.

Preethi Blue Leaf Diamond 750-Watt

6.Maharaja Whiteline Solo MX 122 500: Best

Juicer Mixer Grinder 

This mixer grinder is designed with the 500 watts motor that deliver high speed of dry and wet grinding. This mixer can be highly suitable for the soaked, lentils, spices and much more. This kitchen appliance is out with the 3 various capacity of the steel jars along with the sharp blade. It allows grinding all sort of product in a fine manner. It is out in the market with the 1 warranty. Hence the customer can go for inversing money on such product.

Maharaja Whiteline Solo MX 122 500

7.Philips HL1606/03 500 W Mixer Grinder: Best Mixer Grinder Juicer

On choosing the such the mixer grinder , it make the cooking very simple and easy because it built with the multi function option in the single mixer grinder such as chopping , blend , grind and pureeing. It built with the lift and grind option with the action blades that make ingredient smooth though it is out with the compact design which increase the great sale over the market. It has stainless steel blade that support to complete task in faster manner.

Philips HL1606/03 500 W Mixer Grinder

8.Philips HL7710 /00 600 W Mixer Grinder: Best Mixer Grinder Under 2000

This type of the mixer grinder makes special additional look and support of the kitchen. It is out with the three stains fewer jars with the different capacity liter for comfort mixing. In this mixer grinder has option of the open coupler which allow cleaning the appliance in the smooth and comforting manner. It is applicable to make use for the both dry and wet ingredient to mix and grind.

Philips HL7710 /00 600 W Mixer Grinder

 9.Bajaj Twister 750-Watt Mixer Grinder: Which Mixer Grinder Is Best In India 

It is one of the best companies that people can inverse money on buying such the type of the mixer grinder and it out with the white colors long with the designed and super up stainless steel jar. The jars are well installed with the share and stainless blade that allow grinding and chopping the various ingredients in winning way.Best Mixer Grinder In India is user friendly to make use and it required less space to store in the kitchen.

Bajaj Twister 750-Watt Mixer Grinder

10.Bajaj GX-1 500-Watt Mixer Grinder: Best Mixer Grinder Online

In order to function, it required electrical source and the mixer is boosted with 500 watts motors for the grinding function. It makes very less noise and completed the task in much faster manner. It has 1 liter of stainless jar for both dry and wet grinding. It is very simple to install such the mixer grinder in kitchen. This grinder is booster with 750 watts that deliver high speed task to safe time of grinding and mixing the major ingredient.

Bajaj GX-1 500-Watt Mixer Grinder

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