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Best Graphics Card Under 5000 : Top Graphics Card India 2018


If you pretty hard in terms of budget you can opt for any of the below Best Graphics Card Under 5000. One of the best important components of your system works out to be the graphics card. Most of the motherboards have graphics as for part of the system.

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In case if you want a graphic prone experience then you need to have an exclusive graphics card for the same. Be it a heavy amount of video editing or photo editing nothing stands in comparison to it.  Hereby we are going to mention some of the best graphics cards under 5000.

Best Graphics Card Under 5000 : Top Graphics Card India 2018 

S.NOProduct NameAmazon
1Zotac DDR3 ZoneCheck Price
2GeForce GV N710D3Check Price
3Nvidia GeForce ExpressCheck Price
4Gigabyte GV N710D3Check Price
5GeForce DDR3Check Price
6Geforce DDR3Check Price
7Sapphire Radeon DDR3Check Price

1.Zotac DDR3 Zone : Best Graphics Card Under 5000

You can make your PC faster with this graphics card. Better performance in terms of integrated performance you can achieve.  It would not be possible for it to run on a laptop until you have any form of the external device. A very good card for multimedia devices and any type of games will run on it. If you are looking for a smooth gaming experience then the suggestion would be to install more than 4 GB Ram. For anyone who plans to play GTA 5 and the recent version of GTA 6, you can buy without any restrictions.

Zotac DDR3 Zone


2.GeForce GV N710D3 : Best Graphics Card For Gaming Under 5000

If you are having an old computer and in average settings want to play games an attractive option to consider. In hindsight a very good GPU for the price. If you are looking to explore a custom PC at a low budget then this would be an attractive option. The performance would be of superior standards with the graphics performance out of the blue. It would never lag in time and it would be worth awesome. You are not going to face any heating issue with the fan would be low. Not a suggestion for high-end games.

GeForce GV N710D3



3.Nvidia GeForce Express : Best 2GB Graphics Card Under 5000

For all the laptop users you can use this as an external GPU. When you have an installation of proper drivers the larger software goes on to appear a lot smoother as well. One thing for sure you will be really happy with the purchase of this card. On all heavy games, it goes on to work well.  The best part would be it goes on to support Windows 10. It works out to be a good budget card and improves the performance of your desktop. Though it would not work for new games but the older ones.

Nvidia GeForce Express



4.Gigabyte GV N710D3 : Best Gaming Graphics Card Under 5000

You are going to term it as a great card that works with GTA. In addition, good gaming also takes place. At the same time, you can play high-end games as well.  Though in the description you will find VGA port, it does not appear to be the same. For its excellent performance, you would give thumbs up to the card. For the price, it does go on to seem a valuable product. You can install it in an easy manner and there is no need for any supplementary power. You can install the drivers and slot them into PCI.

Gigabyte GV N710D3



5.GeForce DDR3 : Best Graphics Card Under 5000 Rs 2015

With this card, the processor happens to be really fast. A couple of variants are there and the only difference here lies in the memory aspect. You know it would be an entry-level card where you can display all the games with the settings on the lower side. The best part would be that it does come with a 3-year warranty. Though nothing happens to be written on the product box. Though the general feeling would be that only for someone with a low budget it works out to be the best option.

GeForce DDR3



6.Geforce DDR3 : Best Graphics Card Under Rs 5000

Low profile and a noise-free product. The best part would be that the CPU happens to be very fast and you are playing games. A true product where you can derive a true value for your money. With Windows 7 you go on to support it and the installation does appear to be easy as well.  Though it works out to be an entry well graphics card, you can go on to play heavy games with overclocking it. You are going to fall in love with the GPU and any games that were in operation before 2014 you can go on to play.

Geforce DDR3


7.Sapphire Radeon DDR3 : Best Nvidia Graphics Card Under 5000

For entry level systems this works best. You do not require the help of an additional power connector. This card would go on to work under OEM and Open GL support. With FreeBSD, this card would also work well.  For dual monitors, you can go on to use it as it would not heat up quickly. You can term it a flawless production on the flip side speed would be a definite area of concern. It would work for entry-level systems. But it would not go on to give a flawless performance for sure. A true value for you money.

Sapphire Radeon DDR3



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