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Best Graphics Card Under 15000 | Top Graphics Card India 2018


With increasing levels of technology, the comfort and entertainment levels of our lives have taken a new level. It means that some of the best outdoor games you can enjoy sitting in front of the computer screen. Best Graphics Card Under 15000 ims to provide you with a new experience in terms of gaming.

Best graphics card under 5000

Best graphics card under 10000

This might seem a lot strange but the fact of matter would be that it happens to be true. So many games are there which conveys a feeling that it would be right in front of you.

Best Graphics Card Under 15000 | Top Graphics Card India 2018

All credit to the graphics cards that are responsible in the evolution of the games. Let us now compare the best graphics card under 15000.

S.NOProduct NameAmazon
1GeForce ZT P10510BCheck Price
2INTL PH GTX1050TICheck Price
3GeForce 1050Check Price
4GeForce ZT P10510ACheck Price
5Graphics ZT P10510ACheck Price
6GB GTX750TiCheck Price
7GeForce GTX 1050Check Price

1.GeForce ZT P10510B : Best Graphics Card Under 15000

For all the gaming buffs this edition promises a unique gaming experience. Your computer could turn the PC into a gaming wig. This graphics card happens to be available on a budget. At 60 fps you can go on to play the latest in the world of games. With different games also it works. Nvidia Pascal one of the popular forms of GPU architecture. Having Nvidia technologies which are game ready you can assure of a unique gaming experience. In the compact form, you can have all of them in glory form as well.

GeForce ZT P10510B



2.INTL PH GTX1050TI : Best Graphics Card Under 15000 Rs 2018

With 4 GB Ram size, this graphics card aims to provide you with a new experience in terms of gaming. The quality would be of superior standards and does go on to provide you with the best value of money. With no lags, the card plays really well and in terms of price falls in the 15 k bracket. The process would be full automation one and with the aid of dual bearing fan the lifespan of the device increases by 2 fold. With games of high graphics, it really works its wonders. In fact, the packaging would be worth mentioning as well.




3.GeForce 1050 : Best Graphics Card Under 15000 Rs

This graphics card would go on to kill every game which you throw at it. The product is awesome, though a little bit of attention in terms of the package would be important. If you opt for the offline mode of purchase it might serve you a bit better. For future bind, this GPU works best. When you play certain games it appears to be silent and the presence of dual fans add to the efficient part. Do be aware of the fact that being an imported product the warranty of the product would be one thing to consider.

GeForce 1050



4.GeForce ZT P10510A : Best Gaming Graphics Card Under 15000

You can turn your PC into a gaming device with the help of this graphics reader. NVIDIA Pascal happens to be the brainchild behind this card. The powerhouse design works out to be small and it means it could fit into any system. The best part would be that it would be possible to play the games in the high setting. If you are considering the best graphics card on a budget then this works out to be the best. It is powerful, excellent and gives you a true value for your money as well. For designing works you can use them.

GeForce ZT P10510A



5.Graphics ZT P10510A : Best Graphics Card For Gaming Under 15000

You can go on to customize your PC with this card. With a superior level game set up, the GPU will provide you with fair gameplay. For all those who are keen to play games in medium setting at 1080 p, it does present an option. A gaming experience that would last to the full compact experience would be the order of the day.  Some of the other features of this device are a 7 GHz memory clock with an option of multi-display capability at the same time. it replicates direct 12 X.

Graphics ZT P10510A



6.GB GTX750Ti : Best AMD Graphics Card Under 15000

You can confer the fact this works out to be the best graphics card reader. For mid settings in 60 fps, It works best. For all the budget gamers out there it does go on to provide an extraordinary GPU. With the help of 1080 P resolution, you can go on to play the card in high settings. In terms of memory capacity, it is at 2 GB Ram. In case there is a slot for a graphics card in your motherboard then for sure it would work well.  The graphics would be really amazing and smooth.




7.GeForce GTX 1050 : Best 4GB Graphics Card Under 15000

It would be one of the well-known GPU. If you do compare the best performance ratio of the market it would be way ahead. For all the recent games you can play on it.  With ultra, you can go on to play on it and not high. The clock speed of the graphics would be something to keep an eye on. All the games are going to run efficiently and that too in a smooth manner as well.  In the eyes of some people, it would be much better than Zotac as well. All this comes at an affordable price as well.

GeForce GTX 1050



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