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Best Graphics Card Under 10000 | Top Graphics Card India 2018


Imagine a scenario where you are looking to upgrade your desktop? Then you might look for the best graphics card on the market. In order to improve the performance of computers and highlight display qualities, graphics cards are a vital cog in the wheel. This graphics card happens to be available on a budget Best Graphics Card Under 10000.

Best graphics card under 5000

Best graphics card under 15000

It would be really important that you have one. For the simple reason, you are able to watch movies and perform tasks in an efficient manner. So now you might have taken note that graphics card is inevitable. So if you are planning to buy one here are the best graphics card under 10000.

Best Graphics Card Under 10000 | Top Graphics Card India 2018

This graphics card would go on to kill every game which you throw at it. The product is awesome, though a little bit of attention in terms of the package would be important. Let us now compare the best graphics card under 15000.

S.NOProduct NameAmazon
1GV-R736OC-2GD-REV2-0Check Price
2Zotac-Nvidia-DDR5-PCI Check Price
3GeForce-GV-N730D5-2GICheck Price
4GeForce-PCI-GV-N610D3-2GI Check Price
5GeForce-Pascal-GraphicsCheck Price
6Force-ZONE-Black DPCheck Price
7Asus-R7240-2GD3-L-2GBCheck Price

1.GV-R736OC-2GD-REV2-0 :  Best Graphics Card Under 10000

In terms of performance, it is similar to 750ti. For 720 p it performs in a decent manner. If you need a gaming card, with a decent performance then opt for this.  On the official website, the drivers for the card are available.  It would be in a state of balance and when you operate put it in high-performance mode. The noise of the fan seems to be bearable and you can say that it would be hardly noticeable. The graphics co-processor would be AMD and the ram size happens to be 2 GB. In terms of price, it works out to be around 10k.




2.Zotac-Nvidia-DDR5-PCI :  Best NVIDIA Graphics Card Under 10000

You can refer to the card as being perfect. It does possess the ability to play most games. It does go on to support the latest versions of the games. The gamers who are on the high end will be aware of the specification and will be aware of how to go about things. It works out to be compatible with most of the Windows operating systems. With a host of connectivity options, it does provide you with a chance to connect with the computers. The price happens to be around 8 k.




3.GeForce-GV-N730D5-2GI :  Best Gaming Graphics Card Under 10000

The company has always gone on to cash in on customer experience. The price happens to be in the region of 8k.  They have gone on to stay one step ahead of the needs of the customers and hence the evolution of the product. You can confer the fact that it happens to a legendary GPU in modern times. For your first gaming experience, it suits all purposes. If your budget happens to be on the lesser side then opt for this.




4.GeForce-PCI-GV-N610D3-2GI : Best Graphics Card For Gaming Under 10000

The performance of your desktop would be on a different level.  This happens to be in terms of gaming experience. With the graphics card, you can go on to incorporate the windows 7 operating system. It would go on to give you a better performance in terms of graphics along with a superior computing experience as well. A better performance along with user performance would be something to consider. The best part about the graphics would be that it happens to operate in extreme temperatures. With the 3 D software experience a unique gaming experience would be the order of the day. It does allow you to enjoy movies, videos with a lot of clarity.




5.GeForce-Pascal-Graphics :  Best AMD Graphics Card Under 10000

In terms of price, it happens to be around 10 k. For someone on a budget, this works out to be a good graphics card. But do not align it with dual-core CPU as it would jam the graphics card. When it runs no form of sound will appear that would be another unique feature. The technology of Auto extreme would be brought to the fore. In terms of performance and a long life, it works out to be an attractive option. By turning off the visual effects of windows you can go on to boost the performance.




6.Force-ZONE-Black DP :  Best Graphics Card Under 10000 Rupees

As far as price evolves it happens to be around 8k.  You can term it to be user-friendly and easy to install at the same time. In the card, you will come across one VGA. This brand rates among the popular manufacturers of the graphics card. As part of the package, you are likely to have a driver disc. In any corner of the world, you are likely to come across this product. You can run this card on any game from medium to high settings as well. HDMI would also be a support with this card.

Force-ZONE-Black DP



7.Asus-R7240-2GD3-L-2GB :  Best 4GB Graphics Card Under 10000

For high definition video, you can use this product. You can also go on to edit some videos and if high-end videos are not on your mind the best option. If the budget works out to be a constraint in terms of better performance and low power opt for this. At the same time, you can expect less noise with power consumption being on the lesser side as well. It does go on to offer maximum resolution as well. The process of installation happens to be an easy one as well. In terms of the memory interface, it works out to be 128 bit.




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