Best CCTV Camera In India – Top 10 CCTV Camera In India 2018


Life is not possible today without a good CCTV camera, among the best CCTV camera in India are based on strategically placed video games. 

Nowadays a Cctv camera is necessary for our daily life. It gives more security to us. No one stolen escape form CCTV. All types of crime and corruption are caught by it.

Home, office even in all public places this best quality CCTV camera in India place a vital role in our society. It needs for many areas to provide the security. We have arranged the list for you in a brand vice.

Best CCTV Camera In India

So here is the list of best CCTV Camera in India 2018. Besides the quality, we range it according to them. We have listed the top 10 best CCTV camera in India.

If you are searching for the good CCTV camera in India check out this list as follows.

S.NOProduct NameFlipkartAmazon
1Okayji Dummy Fake Security CCTV Dome CameraCheck PriceCheck Price
2Citra CCTV Dome DVR CameraCheck PriceCheck Price
3Finicky World CCTV Dome CameraCheck PriceCheck Price
4CP PLUS 8 HD CCTV CameraCheck PriceCheck Price
5Maxxlite Wireless HD IP Wifi CameraCheck PriceCheck Price
6Hikvision DS-2CE56C0T-IRP 720P HD  Dome CameraCheck PriceCheck Price
7Cpixen 2 Pcs Dummy CCTV Dome CameraCheck PriceCheck Price
8SRICAM SP019 2 MP Full HD Wifi CCTV  CameraCheck PriceCheck Price
9Foscam C1 Indoor HD 720P CameraCheck PriceCheck Price
10IFITech C1-Lite Indoor HD 720P CameraCheck PriceCheck Price

1.Okayji  CCTV Dome Camera: The best CCTV camera in India

It is the best way to discourage criminals and to secure your home and office. It is made up of high-quality durable material and requires no wiring for the installation process. It works with the help of two AA sized batteries. It can be easily installed on your ceiling or walls with the help of screws which are included within the product.This is one of the best CCTV cameras in India.

2.Citra CCTV Dome DVR Camera: Stylish CCTV Camera

It is a perfect DVR Camera system which includes real-time video recording, viewing, motion detector, night vision, photosensitive induction and cycle recording, SD card and can be easily operated with the help of a remote control. It is a cost-effective and convenient dome camera which includes built-in LED lights and can store up to 32GB of data.This is best CCTV camera in India with multiple options.

3.Finicky World CCTV Dome Camera: Smart CCTV Camera

A perfect CCTV Dome camera which offers you the facility for viewing live video on a computer system.It supports 32GB of Memory card and can keep on continuous recording even after the memory is full. It also includes LEDs and 24 IR LEDs for night vision.

4.CP PLUS 8 HD CCTV Camera: Best  CCTV Camera Brand

It is a perfect CCTV camera which can support 2TB of data. It allows you to see live CCTV footage and also keep on recording while memory space is full. This kit includes all the necessary accessories required for perfectly securing your home or office from criminals.

5.Maxxlite Wireless HD IP Wifi Camera: Latest CCTV Camera

It is a perfect CCTV camera who offers you the 36 degrees angle rotation on its axis which can also be controlled with the help of a remote control. It also includes Night vision camera and inbuilt Mic which enables you to make instructions to your staff or the others.

6.Hikvision DS-2CE56C0T-IRP 720P HD  Dome Camera: Cheap Best CCTV Camera 

 It is an amazing CCTV camera which includes an image sensor, signal system, and more effective pixels which offer you the best results. It also includes night vision dome camera which allows you to capture videos in the night also.

7.Cpixen 2 Pcs Dummy CCTV Dome Camera: Top Best CCTV Camera

 It is the best dummy camera which includes no recording and can be easily installed on your walls or ceilings. It includes LED lights and is the best deter for the criminals and hence can be used to secure your home and offices.

8.SRICAM SP019 2 MP Full HD Wifi CCTV  Camera: Best CCTV Camera Model

 It is a perfect indoor security camera which enables you to monitor live videos on your computer screen/ phone’s screen anywhere from the world. You can also record CCTV footage for the further use. It supports 128GB memory storage.

9.Foscam C1 Indoor HD 720P Camera:  Best CCTV Camera For Wireless 

It allows you to the option of plug and plays with the help of smartphone or iPhone device. It includes night vision camera, motion detector, light sensors, and remote control facilities which make it best in its category.

10.IFITech C1-Lite Indoor HD 720P Camera: Best Budget CCTV Camera 

It can be easily connected to your smartphone by simply scanning the QR code on the camera and offers you the facility of the live video viewing. It is perfect for day surveillance and also supports SD card and hard disk storage.

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